Creating Organizational Culture On Purpose: 


Constructing a Cultural Architecture toward transforming internal cultures to optimally support business results in 5 core areas:

1. We will develop the leadership responsibilities needed to lead organizations through change. This is critical because we believe that change is led, not managed.

2. We will facilitate the creation of a vision and set of corporate values that support the long-term results the leadership desires for the company.

3. We will facilitate and accelerate the creation and communication of an emotionally compelling case for change that will resonate throughout the entire organization.

4. We will align the organization around the mission, vision, values and case for change in a way that personally connects the individual to the shared long-term results of the organization and reinforces their personal accountability for those outcomes. As Jim Collins, author of "Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies" has written...there is a big difference between being an organization with a vision statement and becoming a truly visionary organization. The difference lies in creating alignment. When you have superb alignment, a visitor could drop into your organization from another planet and infer the vision without having to read it on paper.” This is exactly what we help our clients create in their organizations.

5. We will develop a culture "on purpose" that is in alignment with your objectives. All organizations have a culture. Usually the culture has developed “by accident” – that is, unintentionally and usually defined by the actions of senior leadership and management. We offer an alternative: the opportunity to create a culture intentionally designed to get the best long-term results the organization desires.

We bring a unique and effective blend of skills to the important work of assisting our clients in creating and implementing the cultural strategies that will drive their business strategies.

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Through the use of interviews and focus groups, we can collect information, thoughts and opinions that leadership rarely hears. This gives senior leadership a “snapshot” of the collective view of members of an organization that is critical information for leadership. This ability to conduct fast and clear discovery work leads to a design that truly reflects the issues at hand,
rather than taking an educated guess at what problem we are trying to solve. Discovery work ensures that the resources that are allocated are truly addressing the barriers that are keeping the client from reaching their goals.



Through our years of experience in designing and delivering important meetings and change processes for large and small organizations, we know that “one size does not fit all”. We can design a process that is specific to the client's needs, from a content perspective as well as a time and budgetary perspective. Flexibility and creativity in how we do what we do is truly the value we bring.

We further define great design as an ongoing concern. We actively partner with our clients to provide effective follow up processes that support their investment.



We are experienced in facilitating processes in both large and small groups that create the environment to allow for the important conversations that must occur during a change process. We are masterful at using the meetings as an example of groups working optimally together, thereby creating a reference point that has value for the entire future of the organization.

FollowOn Consulting:

We can create long-term relationships with an organization's leading agents to maintain and perpetuate long term continued organizational health and growth.

Ropes Course & Experiential Learning Technologies:

The Ropes Course provides an opportunity for our clients to experience the energy and remarkable results that can be achieved while consciously practicing the elements of an intentional culture. It is a day crafted to allow people to create an optimal work environment, which becomes a foundation from which to craft an optimal organizational culture process. The ropes course provides the reference points needed for all the work that will follow in the change process.

This sentiment is best captured by a quote we hear over and over: “If we could be like that back there, we would be awesome.”

The rest of the meeting - and the rest of the journey of change - is about removing obstacles, and leadership providing both permission and protection for members of the organization to perform courageously and creatively on a daily basis.

We continue using experiential learning processes during our classroom sessions to both energize the group and allow for deeper connections and conversations about key issues that arise from the intelligent use of learning simulations in the classroom environment.

Meetings on Purpose Program:


Enhance your important meeting. Our professional facilitators will work with you to design a fun, effective, interactive and engaging meeting using a variety of our technologies including; experiential activities, creative media and structured discussion to get the results you need and want.



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"One of the elements we use most often in our programs is "The Pamper Pole". It's not really about conquering fear, but finding courage and working through fear."





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