We Also Provide Professional Meeting and Consultation Enhancement


Graphic Recording:

Graphic recorders visually record the thought process of meetings in real time. Working on large chart paper the recorder quickly and accurately captures the meeting discussion with text, images and layout. The result is a focused group that “sees” the picture of the meeting as it develops.

This comprehensive report is prepared following a meeting and reunites the participants with the spirit and content of the meeting – along with a record of all the critical conversations, concepts and thinking.



The Producer’s role is to support the Lead Facilitator and the client in whatever way is required to ensure the success of the meeting. This true from both a technical stand point, which includes managing and creating all media used in the meeting, running the classroom from a logistics, media and equipment standpoint, serving as a point person with the hotel staff, etc., as well as from a facilitation stand point.

The Producer is a “thinking partner” for the Lead Facilitator- assisting in the inevitable daily re-designs that take place and being accountable for their implications from a logistical standpoint. One of the greatest skills a Producer can bring to the meeting is the ability to anticipate where the meeting may go, and be ready for it.



We believe that the participants in the meeting should remember their conversations with leadership rather than with the consultants, so we provide continual coaching for leadership throughout the entire session. To that end, we support the leaders in taking on significant roles in the meetings, and we are always there to support them in being successful.

We also provide ongoing professional coaching for leaders who seek to understand themselves and how they lead, growing themselves to better support the organization.

Meetings on Purpose Program:


Enhance your important meeting. Our professional facilitators will work with you to design a fun, effective, interactive and engaging meeting using a variety of our technologies including experiential activities, creative media and structured discussion to get the results you need and want.

Ropes Course - Design, Construction and Inspection:


We provide comprehensive Challenge Course services, from consultation and design to inspection. Ascend Development Group exceeds industry standards in design, methods and materials to ensure superior quality and function. We also work closely with our clients to ensure they get the course they want and need...not one the builder wants.

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"One of the elements we use most often in our programs is "The Pamper Pole". It's not really about conquering fear, but finding courage and working through fear."





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