Ascend Development Group is proud to offer a full range of expertly crafted, professional program services for Organizational Development, Culture and Teaming. From High Ropes Challenges to complete “Meetings OnPurpose” programs, Ascend will custom design programs to meet your company’s goals and desired outcomes.

We use experiential technologies because we believe that creating change and fostering growth requires engaging people physically, emotionally and intellectually. In any program that includes an experiential component, participants have the opportunity to determine the level of participation that is appropriate for them. Whatever experiential methodology we use; theater, service projects, ropes courses, or adventure experiences, it is designed to support the overall transformational effort in your organization and not to be an end in itself.

Ascend Development Group will custom design programs to meet your company’s goals and desired outcomes.

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We will turn you and/or selected staff members into effective leaders in 30 days! How? We offer a premium package of training, personal follow-up, books, worksheets, plus one-on-one support to equip you with the concepts, skills, attitudes, and practical applications for success!

We will also provide personal feedback and recommendations for your continued learning. Within one month you will understand the basic and advanced elements of leadership and be able to apply what you have learned in meetings and in individual sessions with followers.

BACKGROUND: Leadership is influence! Often unscheduled promotions or unexpected circumstances thrust technically skilled professionals into leadership positions with virtually no training or experience. Sometimes they must lead the very people they have been colleagues with for many years!

Follow our premium formula that provides a rapid, no holds bar, intense leadership training and support program to transform you into an effective leader! You’ll use our unique Basic
Elements of Temperament approach (i.e., Earth, Air, Fire, Water) and other leadership tools to learn how to lead your followers and to anticipate how they will react to your leadership style.! ! ! !

“This highly interactive and fun approach has helped me understand and work better with employees and my supervisor!” NASA Participant.

FACILITATORS: Brad Dude, Jeff Whitehead & Jim White have more than 100 combined years of professional experience facilitating leadership & management development courses in more than 35 countries for such organizations as the US Department of State, the UN Office of Evaluation, NASA, USAID, the US Naval Surface Warfare Center, National Security Agency, the US Customs and Border Protection, and many others.!


• One-On-One Starter Session
• Temperament Workshop
• Book: “What Makes You Tick and What Ticks You Off”
• Book: “40 Tips for Figuring Out Your Boss!”
• Worksheets & Articles on Leadership
• Outdoor / Experiential Learning Technology
• Phone & E-mail Follow-up
• VIP day with Brad, Jeff, or Jim
• Assessment Sessions with Followers
• Feedback Sessions

We will use your own facilities for all formal sessions. Other logistical arrangements will be made as needed.

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Meetings on Purpose Program:


Enhance your important meeting. Our professional facilitators will work with you to design a fun, effective, interactive and engaging meeting using a variety of our technologies, including experiential activities, creative media and structured discussion to get the results you need and want.

High Ropes Program:

A High Ropes Course consists of a variety of events that are built on poles or trees and offer participants the opportunity to climb anywhere from 5 to 45 feet (using safety gear, of course!). A high event might be a rock climbing wall or a “tight rope” shared with a partner.

All of our High Ropes elements require the involvement of the entire team, regardless of how many people may be in the air. Our user friendly and incredibly safe designs allow our clients direct hands-on operation of the elements and as a result, one can have an incredible experience without ever leaving the ground.


Low Elements Program:


Low Elements consist of a variety of activities that are built on poles or trees and offer participants the opportunity to do team oriented activities usually less than 5 feet off the ground.


Airlifts Program:

Can you remember thoughts and dreams from childhood where you were safely tethered to the end of a string of party balloons,soaring over cities and the country side? The thought alone was exhilarating! So of course, being in the adventure business, Ascend created "Airlift".

This is a large scale production and is used as a Team Training activity for corporate and private groups looking to explore the elements of organizational development in a very big and real world scenario.

The Great Team Chase:

To inspire high performance in teams, The Great Team Chase may be what you are looking for. Teams set out on a competitive odyssey fraught with complex problem-solving tasks in pursuit of optimum effectiveness. While traversing “Acid Rivers” or a “Tyrollean Canyon”, or negotiating giant “Spider Webs” or “Electric Mazes,” participants not only enjoy the journey, but also gain insight into teaming, leadership, high-performance and personal style.

The Great Team Chase is an active, energetic exercise with broad appeal. The initiatives and tasks along the way are fun and challenging. The Chase offers an interesting mix of both competition and collaboration, allowing your group to examine the benefits of balancing the two to optimize results.

Orienteering & Geo-Cashing:


Finding your way through the terrain these days requires an understanding of where you are and where you want to be. Getting there demands skill, flexibility, course corrections and directional commitment.

Cardboard and Rafting Regattas:

The Regatta is comprised of boats made of cardboard, trash bags, duct tape and various other oddball materials commonly found in a junk drawer or the corner of a garage. Each boat is designed, constructed, christened and set afloat to compete in a regatta of vessels consisting of teams with 5-10 members.

Don’t let the unconventional materials used fool you; in order to construct a seaworthy and competitive vessel, teams must be coordinated, creative and quality-focused in their strategy, design and execution. Fortunately, none of that comes at the expense of fun. The cardboard regatta is a high-energy, humorous adventure in serious teamwork.




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"One of the elements we use most often in our programs is "The Pamper Pole". It's not really about conquering fear, but finding courage and working through fear."





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